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Executive Director's Report

TRADE SHOW, In February we hosted our annual trade show on which we did extensive reporting. It was a real success and as a result we have found many participants that are interested in joining the RCAW to help us with our mission to assist the roofing industry. And to protect the industry from unnecessary burden of overreaching regulations. We have a vested interest in ensuring our members go home every day having completed a full day’s work safely.

The safety training that was provided went very well and all of the participants should be receiving their certificates in the mail. If anyone was missed please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention and we will quickly remedy the situation. First Aid The first aid training went very well also, and Sonya has many bookings to go to the premises of the requesting companies this makes it very convenient so that your crews can get back to work in a very short time frame.

Web Site, when you are registering for the various events on the web site please can you fill in the names of the people who are part of your team. Because this give us an opportunity to get name badges correctly.


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Report Articles

Contractor Advertising Laws

By: Gary Smith from IBA

As construction season is beginning, contractors must be very vigilant about ensuring they are complying with contractor advertising and document laws.

The law requires that if you:

  • advertise,
  • solicit bids or
  • offer to perform work,

You must always include your contractor registration number.

This includes:

  • business cards,
  • Yellow Page ads,
  • newspaper ads,
  • estimates and
  • bid proposals

While the state law has not caught up with the internet technology and other forms of advertising, your firm does not want to become the test case by the Department of Labor and Industries and the Washington State Attorney General of whether your advertising is in compliance with the state’s contractor registration advertising law. RCAW and IBA recommend that contractors show their contractor registration number on all webpages and company based social media. As you can see in the law below, it also covers all radio and television advertising.

Also note that the law states that it is illegal for a contractor to claim to be “insured and bonded” if they only have the bond and insurance required by the contractor registration law.

Read the law below and you will see that it attempts to cover all advertising.

After you've registered you must use your contractor registration number on all your business communications. (emphasis added by Dept. of Labor and Industries)

By law, when you advertise, solicit bids or offer to perform work, you must always include your contractor registration number. This includes business cards, Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, estimates and bid proposals.

Washington State Law, RCW 18.27.100 states

(3) All advertising that shows the contractor's name or address shall show the contractor's current registration number. ……Advertising by airwave or electronic transmission is subject to this subsection.

(4) No contractor shall advertise that he or she is bonded and insured because of the bond required to be filed and sufficiency of insurance as provided in this chapter.

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