May 02, 2017 12:00 AM PDT to December 31, 2017 12:00 AM PST
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Asbestos/Lead Awareness:
 The State of Washington requires that workers that could potentially be exposed to asbestos or lead receive awareness training. This training must occur prior to the potential exposure and at least once per year. Asbestos: Refer to WAC 296-62-07722, Lead: Refer to WAC 296-62-07521
List Price- $45.00          Membership Price- $36.00

CPR/First Aid:
 Learn to respond in emergency situations with skills that can save a life. Course prepares individuals to provide care in Adult CPR, rescue breathing, first aid in choking, control of bleeding and care for muscle, bone and joint injuries, sudden illness, and burns. Certification is valid for two years.
List Price- $55.00             Membership Price- $44.00

Fall Protection: 
Learn various fall protection systems, including the difference between a 3000# and 5000# anchor point, how to establish a controlled access zone, Demonstration of equipment including proper inspection and “competent person” information.
List Price- $75.00             Membership Price- $60.00

Monitor Training: 
This training is approved to meet the requirements as set forth in WAC 296-155-24505. Includes what a safety monitor does, identification of workers in safety monitor’s control, when a safety monitor is used, and responsibilities.
List Price- $75.00             Membership Price- $60.00

Forklift Operation: 
Instruction covers operating guideline, familiarization with controls and instrument panels, engine and motor technicalities, steering and moving, for and other attachment operations and workplace awareness.
List Price- $75.00             Membership Price- $60.00

Hearing Conservation:
 Prevent noise-induced hearing loss by learning the effects of noise on hearing, purpose of hearing protection, types of hearing protection, selection, use, fitting and care of hearing protectors and purpose and procedures for audiometric testing.
List Price- $45.00             Membership Price- $36.00

OSHA – 10: 
Improve your hazard awareness and recognition skills. Develop your ability to provide guidance for correction of safety issues. This course is designed to increase basic safety and knowledge for construction workers. Attendees will receive an OSHA card.
List Price- $140.00             Membership Price- $112.00

OSHA – 30:
 Improve your hazard awareness and recognition skills. Develop your ability to provide guidance for correction of safety issues. This course is designed to increase basic safety knowledge and construction workers. Attendees will receive an OSHA 30 card.
List Price- $395.00             Membership Price- $316.00

Respiratory Protection:
 Who is required to do Medical evaluations? Fit-testing? Who can do the fit-testing? How often is retesting required? Learn how to select a respirator, the limits, capabilities, and how to use, maintain, and store respiratory equipment.
List Price- $75.00             Membership Price- $60.00

Aerial Platform Training:
 Instruction covers operating guidelines, familiarization with controls, instrument panels and workplace awareness. Includes proper inspection and “competent person” information
List Price- $65.00             Membership Price- $52.00

Scaffolding User Training: 
Course provides an overview of safety standards as they relate to the scaffold design, erection, maintenance and use.  Training includes activities to recognize hazards associated with types of scaffolds being used and how to control those hazards.
List Price- $65.00             Membership Price- $52.00


$45.00 Asbestos/Lead Awareness

$36.00 Asbestos/Lead Awareness:

$55.00 CPR/First Aid:

$44.00 CPR/First Aid:

$75.00 Fall Protection:

$60.00 Fall Protection:

$75.00 Monitor Training:

$60.00 Monitor Training:

$75.00 Forklift Operation:

$60.00 Forklift Operation:

$45.00 Hearing Conservation:

$36.00 Hearing Conservation:

$140.00 OSHA – 10:

$112.00 OSHA – 10:

$395.00 OSHA – 30:

$316.00 OSHA – 30:

$75.00 Respiratory Protection:

$60.00 Respiratory Protection:

$65.00 Aerial Platform Training:

$52.00 Aerial Platform Training:

$65.00 Scaffolding User Training:

$52.00 Scaffolding User Training: