Safety is not going away anytime soon and we at the RCAW feel we would like to ensure that all of our members have the tools they need to have their employees certified. In recent Roofing Reports we devoted a lot of space to this very subject. Together with costs of our courses for both Members and Non-Members. The facilities are there please make use of them.

One last item on safety is our Safety Advantage Program this program was designed to ensure that your company was being continuously being monitored after an initial audit and a check on general compliance. This program is most beneficial to smaller contractors who do not have the volume of work to support a full time safety officer. And because we work closely with L&I the structure of the program is such that your chances for being written up are much less due to the inherent training and our audits and monitoring.

We have regular safety training classes which start at 1:00pm the 2nd Wednesday of each month at our training facility in Tacoma. (At the bottom of each page there is a comments box make your reservations for safety training there, please include full contact information Email & Telephone number, the Executive Director will contact you with confirmation) The Address of the facility is as follow:-  1423 East 29th Street, Tacoma WA 98404. Tel:-253-722-5870.

Please contact the Executive Director at the RCAW for details of the program and he will be able to sign you up and get the program started.

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