RCAW Partners with the Independent Business Association (IBA)

Did you know that as an active RCAW member you are, at no additional cost, also a member of the Independent Business Association (IBA)? Here is a little bit about what IBA can and is doing for you right now!

The Independent Business Association (IBA) has been assisting small business owners save money, save time and solve problems since 1974 in the following ways:

  • IBA of Washington State has a highly respected and very effective team of government relations experts working for you full-time at our state capitol in Olympia. IBA’s government relations experts and its members have stopped tax increases, stopped harmful new government regulations, have passed tax reductions, passed greater freedoms from government interference for small businesses, passed one of the nation’s most comprehensive regulatory reform legislative plans, which is now being implemented, and much more. Each year, the Washington State Legislature deals with over 4,000 legislative proposals, many of which directly affect small businesses. You don’t have time to identify and keep track of all of these issues, but IBA’s government relations experts do and they advise you of the important proposals affecting small businesses and advise you, through the RCAW, of how you can influence their passage or defeat.

  • And much, much more!

  • In conjunction with the RCAW, giving you the resources to comply with regulations and appeal citations from the Department of Labor and Industries.

  • You have access to key documents small business owners need, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day via IBA’s FAX On Demand System. All you need is a fax machine. You call the IBA FAX On Demand System and request the document you need, by number and seconds later, it is printing out on your fax machine. Examples are: How do I appeal a tax assessment? What questions can I and can’t I ask when hiring a new employee? How to prepare an effective request for a loan? How to reduce your state industrial insurance costs? How to get a FREE no-fines safety and health inspection. An I-9 or W-4 form if you don’t have one handy when you need one. How to comply with hazardous waste laws, etc. Scores of vital documents to help small business owners. All at no cost to you and available anytime, night or day, 7 days a week.

For more information on IBA please contact the RCAW office at 253.282.9823. Remember these services are only available to RCAW members!