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How to use the Washington State Dept of Labor & Industries Website

Verify records of Washington State contractor compliance

Protect Your Investment:
If you are looking to hire a contractor, roofer or otherwise, we encourage you to take some simple steps to protect yourself from making a decision you may regret. As a consumer you can check out basic information about all licensed contractors in the State of Washington by visiting the following web site sponsored by the Department of Labor & Industries: Verify Contractor Compliance

Once the page opens click on “Name” in the “Search for a Contractor” dialog box. You will directed to a page one which you can type in the name of the contractor in question. (You do not have to type in the entire name but the portion you type must be exactly the same as it appears in its legal name.)

After you have typed the name, click “Search”. The results of the search will one of the following: 1) the contractor you’re attempting to check out will show up; 2) multiple contractors with similar names will show up; 3) you’ll receive a message stating that there are no matches for your entry. If the name of the contractor doesn’t show up you will have to go back to the previous page and type in the name again making sure that what is typed is accurate. If the name appears click on the name and the detail page for the contractor will appear.

To get the most complete picture of the contractor’s legal status there are several things to look for: first, look to the right of “Status” to see if the company is “Active”, “Suspended” or “Inactive”. Obviously you want to deal with a company with an active L&I account because an active account indicates that the company pays premiums for workers compensation insurance.

Next, click on “Verify Workers Comp Premium Status”. Once the next page opens check to make sure that under “Workers’ Comp Premium Status” the account is current. This information is provided by the Department of Licensing. Note: it is possible that a contractor can be in “Active” status but not be current on its premiums. This is a glitch in the tracking between two different state agencies, the Department of Labor and Industries and the Department of Licensing.

Next, go back to the previous page once again and click on “Check Dept. of Revenue Account”. The following page should indicate that the contractor’s account with the Washington State Department of Revenue is “Open”.

Check at the bottom of the contractor’s detail page to make sure that there are no unsatisfied complaints or warrants (tax warrants issued by the State) against the contractor.

We have included an example which you can print follow this link: Consumer Protection Document

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