Advantages & Benefits of RCAW Membership

There are a number of different trade associations that your roofing/waterproofing/siding/gutter installation business may be eligible to join. As with all associations your membership options will depend on the type of services provided by your company, the requirements or vetting procedure of the association. Making the decision to become a member of a the RCAW, Roofing Contractors Association of Washington, can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways.

1. Becoming a member of one can very quickly boost the reputation of your business by being associated with the RCAW’s good name.

2. Of great importance is that you and your staff are willing to operate to a strict code of standards set out by the association you intend to join; and for good reason too. These standards are set with the public, and your customer in mind. This code of practice ensures that member companies treat all their customers fairly. The code of practice is published by the RCAW in their publicity material and helps and instills confidence in customers, which will translate into more customers using your company.

3. It also safeguards the very reputation you wish to associate your business with. In that the RCAW as such will take every measure to ensure members abide by the rules. (If you do not believe that your staff will be willing to work to these standards, membership to the RCAW is not the right choice for your business).

4. There is often a great variety of benefits which vary from one association to another; and it is up to you as the business owner to decide what it is you most need from the membership and make a decision based on that very need.

5.  As a well known Trade Association the RCAW has a way of representing the interests of its members at State Government level.

6.  Through the RCAW You can gain greater and easier access to educational seminars, courses, videos, initiatives and schemes to help educate and inform you and your staff about the industry in which you operate.

7.   The RCAW has Health and Safety courses, and Working at Height are all issues which require your constant attention.

8.   Displaying the RCAW roofing association’s logo quickly instills consumer confidence and increases the amount of business that you get from homeowners almost immediately in many cases.

9. The public in Washington are always keen to see that a business they contract with is one of our RCAW members, so be proud and display our logos, awards and certification on business cards, stationery and your website whenever possible.

10.  As stated the above increases the consumers’ confidence in your company’s skills and ability.

11.  Additionally, our association has a list of members, so people that live in your area and need your services are more likely to end up hearing about your business if it is on that list of members, as referrals. This is also on our web site.

12.  RCAW members in particular receive many inquiries each week where the public are confirming a company’s membership validity and requesting information about local businesses.

13. If it is exposure or marketing materials that you think you need help with then you may very well benefit from the publicity that the RCAW brings to the table. Trade shows are always a great place for you to network with other roofing companies, not to mention, influential people in your industry.

14. Manufacturers in particular can be a great source of new leads should your business be lucky enough to strike a good friendship with the manufacturer.

15. Being a member of the RCAW also gives roofers the confidence to advertise their company’s services in local supply outlets as the Associations logo adds enormous credibility to your name. Especially the supply outlets that are members of the RCAW.

16. The RCAW has negotiated with two financial institutions to provide financing to your clients but only as a Member of the RCAW. This in itself will open a wider market to our members.

17. MEDICAL plans at very competitive rates are available exclusively through the RCAW, All of the RCAW members who have gone to this plan are pleased with the coverage and the savings, The plan is administered through Bell-Anderson Insurance they are the exclusive brokers for this plan, and they are local.

18. The RCAW has recently negotiated with the NRCA to be able to sell technical journals from their library at substantially discounted prices for our members list less 20%.

19. We now have monthly Dinner Meetings for the members and their guests. The event is held at the Longhorn BBQ restaurant on the second Thursday of each month (except the months that have other events Planned) The topic chosen is presented by an expert in their field and discussed by the membership. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

20. We have a Monthly newsletter published by the RCAW and members are encouraged to contribute. The Roofing Report.

21. The RCAW has an annual EXPO at which members take part either as experts or as participants and is free to members of the RCAW.

22. Use of the RCAW logo on all correspondence and web sites.

23. We offer a free consultation for web site design, and discounted website design and implementation.

24. RCAW manual on CD and in printed form. This manual is updated annually and issued to all of the members.

25. A printed directory of all of the members and affiliated associations is given to the members.

26. Technical and legal bulletins are issued as required and the laws are changed.

27. Safety classes can be arranged to take place at your premises, in English or Spanish or both languages.

28. We host an annual Golf Tournament, which is a fun day for everyone and it is a good day to meet old and new friends of the RCAW. This is our only fundraising event each year the funds raised contribute to the less profitable events we host to ensure that we maintain a vibrant association. This is event is extremely popular with the whole construction community in Washington.

29. We also supply Safety Risk Management Software for all of our members at no additional cost to the membership.

30. We have many experts within the Association that are available for consultation as required and generally at no cost to the members.

31. All members receive a RCAW calendar annually.

32. We hold a RCAW Gala Event for the Members each year at generously subsidized cost to the members. It includes a Silent Auction dancing and generally having a lot of fun.

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